Computer Arts Archive

Introducing the Computer Arts Archive

The Computer Arts Archive is a not-for-profit company that collects, exhibits and promotes computer arts for the benefit of artists, audiences, curators, educators and researchers. We collaborate with other collections, museums and galleries to explore the impact of digital culture and ensure that computer art is recognised as a significant contemporary art form with a rich and diverse history. In particular, we work closely with the Computer Arts Society, a member-based organisation founded in 1968.

Monday 4th – Friday 8th July 2022

The annual EVA London conference is being held in its normal time slot this year but is being delivered online. Presentations are available on the Computer Arts Society YouTube Channel.

6pm Monday November 16th 2020

The official launch of the Computer Arts Archive and the opening of the Micro Arts Collection online exhibition took place on Monday 6th November 2020. Speakers on the evening were Brian Reffin Smith, Geoff Davis, Sean Clark and Nick Lambert.

Computer Arts Archive Launch at EVA2020 Online

Micro Arts was founded in 1984 by Geoff Davis, along with an diverse group of young artists and programmers. In the mid-1980s it released computer generated art on data cassettes and Prestel TV teletext. A comprehensive collection of materials from Micro Arts has been donated to the Computer Arts Archive.

The Micro Arts Collection

The CAS50 Collection was created in 2018 to help celebrate 50 years since the founding of the Computer Arts Society. The collection currently contains printed works by 24 artists, with contributions from 12 new artists due by the end of the year.

The CAS50 Collection

The Computer Arts Archive is a not-for-profit company. Our goal is to cover our core running costs through supporter donations and seek grant funding and sponsorship for larger projects. To find out how to become a supporter please visit our Supporters page.