Brian Reffin Smith

Brian Reffin Smith, artist, theoretician, musician and teacher, born UK 1946, lives in Berlin. He won the first ever Prix Ars Electronica, the Golden Nike, in Linz, Austria, 1987. His artworks are shown internationally. His article '43 dodgy statements on computer art' was described by Wired as 'timeless'.

He is a pioneer of computer-based conceptual art and works, via exhibitions, lecture/performances and installations with applications of Zombie theory and Pataphysics to art, computers and creativity. He studied at Brunel University and the Royal College of Art where he later taught computer-based art and design as College Tutor for five years before being appointed Professeur, Art & Informatique, at the École Nationale Supérieur d'Art in Bourges, France. He became a Zombie in 1998.

included in The CAS50 Collection.