The Micro Arts Collection

Micro Arts Magazine

Issue 1. August/September 1984. Computer Art Magazine and Software. 75p

The Micro Arts print magazine was published in August/September 1984. It was produced by Geoff Davis with help and support from Akiko Hada, Michele Carter, Marie Christine Peyrier, Cathy Davis and Martin Lacey. Photography by Simon Holland and Michèle Gauthier Carr-Brown. Only one issue was published.

Geoff Davis writes:

"I had written for the student arts magazine and music fanzines, mainly Sheffield and London’s NMX by Martin Lacey (now publishing Safety Pin punk magazine). Friends supplied some of the articles, which covered art generation, music, etc. It was an alternative to the usual computer magazines which did not cover art, only graphic production, games etc.

I hoped that Micro Arts would be an independent label for new computer art supplied in curated collections, with public distribution. Although getting great (sometimes baffled) reviews from the national computer press and some culture magazines, this never happened. But it did lead to interesting work at Sheffield Psalter Lane art college and the London Institute (now UAL).

Incidentally the second edition was planned and started but didn’t get any advertising, and so never came out. We had moved onto Prestel teletext by that time so paper seemed very old-fashioned (in 1985!). My response to all that was to make a concrete ‘tombstone’ edition of the second edition cover only, but that was later used as an actual paver in a garden path."

A full copy of Micro Arts Issue 1 can be viewed or downloaded below.

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