The Micro Arts Collection

Micro Arts on Cassette

The first three collections of Micro Arts were released on data cassette. MA1 and MA2 were for the ZX Spectrum and MA3 was for the BBC Micro. MA4 was not released on cassette because the project moved on to Prestel teletext.

MA1: Geoff Davis – “Abstract Originals”, ZX Spectrum (1984)

Cassette inner text:

A colourful experience for you and your VDU. These mobile graphics can be colour coded to fit your décor. The order, timing and repetition can also be controlled, giving a responsive art display to enhance your next dinner or cocktail party, union meeting or conference.

The menus are self-explanatory. ‘BREAK’ will enable you to examine the program and alter to taste. (Extra graphics routines can be added, but you must also change the input and gosub code.)

48k – load ‘MA1’.

All material (program and image) copyright Geoff Davis/Micro Arts 1984.

MA2: Geoff Davis – "Various Unusual Events", ZX Spectrum (1984)

Cassette inner text:

A self-explanatory menu controls the following UNUSUAL EVENTS:

THE STUDIO (Random Walking): let your TV go walkabout while you pace your cell. Colour controllable.

MINIMAL: the longest shortest programs. Measurements or estimates are welcome.

DADA: generates neologisms, which can be strung together as phonetic poetry (an old Dada trick, used by the group Talking Heads on ‘I Zimbra’) used as cues for words, etc.

THE MONEY-WORK SYSTEM: from ‘SCUM Manifesto’ by Valerie Solanas, the woman who shot Andy Warhol. Animated entertainment.

CARRY ON COMPUTING: this time it’s the computer that has the spasms. One word stops the cycle. With occasional music.

The PIANO BAR: a mobile graphic ‘score’ for keyboard music, or any other type of activity. Colour controllable.

LOOP: of Studio and Piano Bar (visual pieces).

48k – load ‘MA2’.

All material (program and image) copyright Geoff Davis/Micro Arts 1984.

MA3: Martin Rootes – "Volume 1", BBC Micro (1984)

Cassette inner text:

Various graphics for the BBC Model B by Martin Rootes.

RUNNER: based on an Edward Muybridge photo sequence – in the style of Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Nude Descending a Staircase’.

PIC-SWAP: based on card graphics used at the Moscow Olympics. Has an Assembler routine to hold 2 screens and swap them over in sections.

MONDRIAN: animated graphics in the style of Mondrian. Uses Golden Proportions for sizes.

TEXTURE: patterns using dotted lines to give texture. The probabilities of certain events and colours change through the sequence.

VORTEX: uses program loops and prime numbers for positioning, size and colours of shapes (colour controllable).

PATTERN: precursor of a longer piece.

Load individually (Texture / Vortex / Mondrian / Pattern / Runner / Pic-Swap)

All material (program and image) copyright Martin Rootes/Micro Arts 1984.

MA4: ZX Spectrum (1985, not released on cassette)

Note, the final cassette design was created but not used, as Micro Arts moved onto Prestel Micronet 800. This is the text on the existing master tape.

Data cassette text:

Story Generator – Varieties of COW BOILS HEAD

Spectrum 48k – Will Autorun.

Copyright Geoffery Davis 85.

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